La Barca Nardi

A collaboration project with Michael Rüesch for my bachelor thesis. Together with the swiss boatyard and engineering firm Crown Services we developed a concept for Nardi. Nardi is a Italian steering wheel manufacturer. It's lineage goes back to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and various other manufacturers. These days the company is searching for new markets. As Nardi is already producing accessories for the maritime market the next step is to offer a complete package.

Nardi's sister company Varese Quadri specializes in power management systems for boats. Thus the product will not only serve as a flagship for the company but also as a techdemonstrator. The project will be shown on the Salon Nautique du Léman.

The boat features a innovative, flexible interior and deck layout. Ease of use was a priority. The transfer between the different areas on the boat is as simple and direct as possible. There are no things to crawl over like in traditional runabouts.