Elio Amato

I am an Industrial Designer with a affinity for the technical. My speciality are projects that border on mechanical engineering. Giving technology and know-how a form that augments them istead of just covering them is key to my work process. I try to find client specific solutions that tell a story while beeing able to stand the test of time.




 since 2018 Research Assistant at HSLU Engineering and Architecture

2018       Designer at Ufficio Technico, Cantiere del Pardo / Grand Soleil

2017                 Designer Crown Marine

2014 - 2017      Bachelor of Arts Industrial Design

2014 , 2016      Internship at Yves Ebnöther Büro Industrial Design

2014 - 2016      Vice-President of the Studentcouncil of the HGK Basel

2014                 Internship at Beat Keusch Visuelle Komunikation in Basel

2013 , 2014      Internship at Designwerk

2013                 Internship at Peter Meier Mechanische Werkstätte